Saturday, January 19, 2013

101 Reasons To Switch To The Mac, Mark McElroy

Info :English | 101 Reasons To Switch To The Mac | ISBN: B000OZ0NJY | 4.6 MB
This is the eBook version of the printed book. You've seen lots of "how to" information...but 101 Reasons to Switch to a Mac offers the "why to"! Inside, instead of tech-talk and speed tests, 101 Reasons to Switch to the Mac offers true stories and unbiased advice from a long-time Windows user who, along with a million others in 2005, made the switch to a Mac.
The chapters explore the benefits of working with a Mac, the power of the Mac OS X operating system, and the advantages of owning a computer that "just works." The comprehensive software guide recommends great applications that make short work of everyday tasks like surfing the web, ripping music, watching movies, retouching photos, laying out brochures, and much more. You'll also find pointers to great websites packed with resources for switchers and new Mac owners alike.
Already a Mac user? This Short Cut makes the perfect gift for friends and family who haven't yet discovered the joy of switching. The next time a PC user says, "Give me one good reason to switch!" you'll be prepared...with 101 Reasons to Switch to a Mac.
Here are just a few of the 101 reasons!
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  1. Macs are actually a better bargain. The initial price for an iMac or MacBook is often higher than a comparable PC desktop or notebook, but Macs hold their value better.